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Coastal Investigation Services investigate infidelity concerns


  • Infidelity concerns
  • Adulterous behaviour
  • Cheating partner
  • Suspicious activity
  • Co-habitation identification
  • New partner background checks

 Coastal Investigation Services investigate infidelity concerns

If your intuition tells you over a period of time that something in your relationship is wrong you may be correct.
If you have infidelity concerns our investigators at Coastal Investigation Services are experienced in identifying if a partner is cheating in a relationship.
Being able to discuss the signs and symptoms in confidence with one of our experienced investigators can help to identify whether a relationship is just going through a change, as relationships do, or whether there is another person involved.
Deploying investigators to gather photographic and/or video evidence provides first- hand documentation of the partner’s activities. Where required, completing further background checks would then confirm a third person’s identity. Presenting all of the evidence in a full report enables you to make an informed decision as to what action to take, legal or otherwise.



Following or prior to divorce proceedings, identifying where and if your ex-partner is co-habiting may well evidence their financial status and determine the outcome of any court proceedings when negotiating a financial settlement.
Following advice provided by your legal team to gather video/photographic evidence at set times during a given period provides legal evidence of a person’s co- habitation. Conducting further legal checks into a new partners financial status, compiled in a full report, would fully identify to a court of law an ex partner’s current position.

A company of the highest integrity, our thorough and effective approach aims to deliver results through a bespoke investigation process that remains cost effective. Email us in the strictest confidence for informal no commitment advice at or telephone 01323 382389or 07775 440039


 Coastal Investigation Services investigate infidelity concerns Co-habitation